He Lost The Race: Frankie Dettori Exits The Celebrity Big Brother House Followed By Tricia Penrose In Double Eviction

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He lost the race: Frankie Dettori exits the Celebrity Big Brother house followed by Tricia Penrose in double eviction
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Published: 21:36 BST, 23 January 2013 | Updated: 10:19 BST, 24 January 2013

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Frankie Dettori and Tricia Penrose became the fifth and sixth stars to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house on Wednesday evening.

Frankie was the first star to be booted out of the house in the night's double eviction, followed by Tricia.

Greeted by massive cheers the 42-year-old jockey smiled as he stood at the top of the stairs waving to the crowd, while Penrose's reception was equally as warm.

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Another one bites the dust: Frankie Dettori became the fifth person to get booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house on Wednesday evening in the double eviction

Also out!

Tricia Penrose was also evicted from the house moments after Frankie's departure

They didn't quite make it to the end: Both Frankie and Tricia narrowly missed out on the final

Taking a seat for his interview, Frankie described the experience as emotionally challenging but was pleased with the fact he would not be missing his son's birthday.

He said: 'It has been very challenging emotionally and today is my son's birthday!'

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Asked by host Brian Dowling if he was upset he hadn't made it to the final, Frankie replied: 'I'll be honest with you a little bit yes.
Nervous: Claire looked as if she felt under pressure as she waiting to hear her fate during the live semi-final of Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday night

Triumphant: Razor Ruddock looks delighted to be staying in the house until the end of the current series on Friday

Good neighbours become good housemates: Ryan has won a place in his fellow contestants' hearts during his time on the show

'But Rylan is so popular so I never thought i was going to win.'

Brian also questioned Dettori about why during his time in the house he appeared to go into a shell.

Explaining that he did find the experience overwhelming, Frankie said that the 'friction' in the house really bothered him and made him upset.

Answering the question candidly, the Italian horse racer added: 'I think the house got to me in the end - there was a lot of friction and mountbatten residences price I'm a lover not a fighter - I wasn't fun anymore.'
Good neighbours become good housemates: Ryan has won a place in his fellow contestants' hearts during his time on the show
Warm reception: Frankie received cheers from the audience as he stood at the top of the stairs
In good spirits: The 42-year-old jockey was all smiles as he waved at the crowd
Free at last: Frankie couldn't contain his happiness as he exited the house

Speaking to Brian about Speidi he said: 'Up to now I'm not sure if its the real them.

I was so confused if they're acting because they've been actors before.

'I don't like bitching about people if I don't really know them and to me it's all BS.'

Finally Frankie gave his reasons for entering the house, saying: 'I came here because I always wanted to and I really loved the experience.
What you saw these last three weeks is what I am.

Predicting Rylan as this year's winner, Frankie named Speidi as the hardest people to get along with in the house and revealed that he wanted Razor out next to have a 'drink with him.'
Hugging it out: Frankie smiled as he cuddled fellow housemate Trishia Penrose who would soon follow him as the second evictee on Wednesday night
Making an exit: Frankie played up to his profession as a jockey and was given a piggyback by former footballer Razor Ruddock as he left the house

Rylan to win: Frankie said that he would be staying in contact with the X Factor star and wanted Razor out next

'I don't like bitching': Dettori admitted that the constant arguments in the house really got him down

'I was so confused if they're acting': Frankie named Speidi as the hardest people to get along with in the house

Following Frankie's eviction, Tricia joined him on the outside world after she learned her fate.

Admitting she had 'expected boos', the 42-year-old actress didn't hold back her disappointed at not making it to the final with the remaining housemates.

She said: 'Yeah I am really, I would have liked to make it Friday but getting into the third week is brilliant.'

But when questioned by Brian as to why she didn't show off her true character, she seemed confused and replied: 'Oh my God!

I thought I was outrageous.

'I think that Heidi and Spencer took the limelight and I sort of just stayed in the background.'
Suspense: Trishia nervously waves as she waits to hear her fate as the next person the be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother is announced
Farewell: Razor Ruddock kisses Trisha on the cheek as she prepares to leave the house while Rylan looks devastated in the background
'I'm a little gutted': Tricia admitted that she was upset that she had not made it to Friday

'They're are just the weirdest couple': Penrose blasted Speidi and called them 'two-faced' as well as 'drama queens'
Going for glamour: The 42-year-old actress wore a bright pink dress and silver sparkly shoes
'I don't know what you're seeing out here': Tricia said that she had found it difficult to not think about the outside world

Talking about the Britain's most hated couple, Tricia continued: 'I don't know what you're seeing out here.

It's very atmospheric [in the house], and they're are just the weirdest couple and are definitely playing a game, phoney and two-faced.'

Stating 'drama' as the only reason why the married reality TV stars are still in the house, she added: 'Without them it would be boring, they were the drama queens.
We were really wondering what you were seeing out here because they just made it so difficult.'

Prior to last night's live show it was revealed that the bookies' favourites to leave were Ryan Moloney and Claire Richards.

Whereas Heartbeat actress Tricia Penrose was the second favourite to win behind Rylan Clark.

Clark's chances of being crowned the 2013 winner were put in jeopardy after it was revealed that he had been secretly leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house to attend X Factor tour rehearsals.

'Heidi and Spencer took the limelight': Tricia said that her personality never really got a chance to shine
Still in with a chance to win: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag survived another eviction
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